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Pune: Two more arrested in bank data theft case


Pune City Police have arrested two more persons in connection with a case of theft and attempted sale of sensitive data of corporate bank accounts with deposits of over Rs 216 crore.

Police have identified the accused as Bhimsen Rajendra Singh (36) of Thane and Shailendra Ashok Singh (38) of Uttar Pradesh. Police said Shailendra is an employee of a prominent bank. He and Bhimsen were allegedly involved in passing confidential information of bank account holders to the other accused in the case.

With this, the number of accused arrested in this case has reached 17. Police had recently arrested one Dipak Singh (30), a resident of Vapi in Gujrat, in connection to the case.

Before that, police had arrested 14 persons in the case, including a 40-year-old woman Anagha Modak, who is alleged to have played a key role in bringing together the two parties — those who had the stolen data and those who were willing to pay large sums to get it and use it to siphon funds from these accounts.


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