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Rashami Desai: Unfair to abuse my parents in the name of trolling


The constant trolling on social media with some users telling her how to lead her life, and even abusing her family, is what pushed Rashami Desai to release a video hitting back at the negativity. The actor tells us that she can ignore trolling when it concerns her, and wonders what’s the need to drag her family into the “filthy mess of the virtual world”.

Rashami Desai feels it is unfair to target her family on social media
Rashami Desai feels it is unfair to target her family on social media

Last week, Desai shared a short video on X, and said, “To all the jobless people out there I want to tell you all please don’t pick up on my mother and father. I know what I am doing, it’s my life”.

Reflecting on the incident, the Uttaran actor says irrespective of whether someone is an actor, businessman or a politician, trolling seems to have been normalised, and it’s rather a dangerous thing.

“In my case, everyone (on social media) comes and says something about my life, which leads to discomfort in the lives of people close to me. Recently, I saw a tweet where the user was abusing my mother, and that is what pushed me to put out the video. Everyone is telling me what to do, and then talking shit about my family. I felt bad about what I read and thought I need to stop it,” the 37-year-old mentions.

The actor admits that it was high time she gave schooled trolls who try and dictate her life. “I know what I am doing. I have been working hard for so long. I am self-made woman, capable to taking my own decisions. I appreciate their concern, but it was becoming insulting. In fact, every artiste knows how to navigate their fandom. And I had to put a full stop on the negativity and abuses. It is unfair to drag my family, and abuse my parents in the name of trolling. People need to stop being mean and so self-centred,” adds the actor.

That being said, the former Bigg Boss contestant says that she can be wrong at times, and is open to criticism. “But when people, who have learnt from my mistake, they start telling me that I should not have done that. I am like ‘thank you for your concern’ and I just move on,” she quips.

When it comes to detachment, Desai turns to her work, as that helps her steer away from the dark side of social media.

“We can’t stop trolling. People will always have something or the other to say. They might hate you or love you. And there is no denying that I get a lot of love from everyone. I don’t expect trolling not happening, but I expect there to be a limit on the same. Usually, I ignore trolls, but sometimes you need to help people navigate that you don’t want people talk bad things about your close ones. However, I usually try to get busy and focus on my work to detach,” she ends.


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