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Residents spruce up key road


A stretch of Varadhapuram Main Road along the compound of a park at Nesamani Nagar wears a new look. Earlier overrun with heaps of waste, the spot is now clean.

In February, Chettinadd Greenville Owners Association took up this cleaning exercise.

With the consent of the Perumbakkam Panchayat, the Association laid a path of paver-blocks along the compound wall of the park and had it fenced.

Further, the Association made sure the compound wall received a fresh coat of paint.

“Only in the past two years, this problem has been cropping up. Probably, many new apartments and houses have come up and the volume of waste generation has increased. When we inform the Panchayat, its workers come and clear the place. But again, within a few hours, the waste begins to pile up. The approach road — Varadhapuram Main Road — was an eyesore due to dumping of garbage. So, we came up with this cleaning exercise. We were planning this last year itself, but put the plan on hold due to the pandemic. However, early this year, we once again considered it and the work was carried out in February. The expenditure was borne by the Association. Thankfully, ever since the place was restored nobody has dumped waste,” says Gratia Sajish, secretary, Chettinadd Greenville Owners Association.

Inspired by Chettinadd Greenville Owners Association, the residents’ associations at neighbouring apartments Stepstone Atchyuta and Colorgate along with Varadhapuram Residents Welfare Association are planning to carry out a similar exercise near the bunds of Sitheri lake in Perumakkam.

“Here too, waste pile-ups can be found. We would like to clear them and plant tree saplings. Besides, the section of the lake where waste is dumped will be fenced. This will be done with the Panchayat’s consent,” says Srinivasan, member of Varadhapuram Residents Welfare Association.


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