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Rubina Dilaik on giving birth to twin girls: We are still getting in the routine


After much speculation and reports, actor Rubina Dilaik, 36, recently announced the birth of her twin girls Jeeva and Edhaa with husband-actor Abhinav Shukla, 41, on social media. “By God’s grace, we are getting better in the routine. We were blessed with the daughters on November 27. They are two cute little non-identical twins. We had four names shortlisted, two for girls and two for boys. We had decided them quite early on because we wanted unique names and names which hold meaning to us. We had done our homework earlier,” shares Dilaik.

Rubina Dilaik and abhinav shukla become parents to twin girls
Rubina Dilaik and abhinav shukla become parents to twin girls

Reflecting on the indescribable emotions during the moment she gave birth and held the girls in her hands, she says, “I can’t put the feeling in words; it is just surreal. I can’t define the moment when I gave birth and held them in my arms, but a lot has changed since these girls have come into our lives, and change is for good.”

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Addressing the challenges of a twin pregnancy, the actor laughs and quips, “Our twin pregnancy is the first pregnancy, so there is not really a benchmark to compare to know which one is easier or tougher. We were preparing ourselves over these nine months. Had it been a single pregnancy, then also the preparations would have been the same.”

“Our well-wishers already told us that a single baby required 3 people, so twins would not require 6 but 10 people to manage. Mine and Abhinav’s mother have been a constant support. Both of them are taking care of me and the babies. Family support is what really matters the most, be it single or twin babies. I wouldn’t say we are excelling really well, but we are managing,” Dilaik further adds.

As the new parents navigate the early days of parenthood, she expresses, “There is so much going on, and it is a huge change not just for me but the entire family. Everybody is accommodating into this new life. It’s too early to comment on anything about the motherhood part of it, but I can feel the change, and that change will eventually transpire into something meaningful over time. That’s all I can see and experience for myself.”


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