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Salaries of regional port employees to be increased

Malika Shahid

19 June 2022, MVT 11:38

Employees of Hithadhoo Regional Port and board members of MPL — Photo: MPL.

Malika Shahid

19 June 2022, MVT 11:38

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has decided to increase the salaries of employees working in regional ports operated under the company.

MPL said the decison to increase their salaries was made in board meeting held in Hithadhoo. MPL operates regional ports in Hithadhoo and Kulhudhuffushi.

The change will lead to regional port employers to receive a higher salary from July onwards. Details on the increment has not been disclosed by the company yet.

During the meeting held in Hithadhoo on Friday, MPL also passed their code of conduct, financial assistance and other policies including a special retirement policy for employees at the age of 65.

Hithadhoo Port employees were also given the opportunity to ask information regarding the changes brought to the operations of the regional ports.

MPL said that the policies recently passed regarding regional ports will benefit the employees of the organization. The board of MPL thanked the employees for their hard work.

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