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Sen. Roy Blunt urges Biden to cut $2 trillion infrastructure plan by billions


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri is urging President Joe Biden to cut his $2 trillion infrastructure plan to roughly $615 billion and focus on rebuilding physical infrastructures like roads and bridges.

During an interview with Fox News Sunday, Blunt, the fourth highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, argued that only 30 percent of the president’s proposal focuses on traditional infrastructure and said reducing the price would allow the White House to pass the bill through both chambers of Congress.

“It was sort of the great white whale of the last ten years, frankly. Neither President Obama or President Trump could seem to get this moving in the right direction. I think there’s an easy win here for the White House if they would take that win,” Blunt said.

In a separate interview, Blunt also talked about securing the Capitol. He said it’s important to provide funding to go toward training Capitol Police to deal with these new threats, and that permanent fencing around the Capitol is not the best option.


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