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Sencoverse: D-St’s new kid gives India its first virtual jewellery showroom on metaverse


Senco Gold & Diamonds on Thursday said they have taken a major step forward to tap the digital landscape with the launch of its first virtual showroom, Sencoverse, on the metaverse.

The company claimed this to be India’s first virtual jewelry retail space within the metaverse, with a primary focus on engaging with the new generation of customers. The jewelry retailer, in an official statement, emphasized its commitment to delivering personalized and convenient shopping experiences to digitally adept millennials and Gen Z shoppers, who are widely regarded as the future of the retail industry.

“We believe that the digitally savvy millennials and Gen Z shoppers are the future of retail, and we want to be at the forefront of providing them with the personalized and convenient shopping experiences they want and need,” said Suvankar Sen, MD & CEO of Senco. “With Sencoverse, we are confident that they will embrace this innovative way of shopping. This initiative is not only a testament to our commitment to innovation, but also a strategic move into the future of retail.”

Sencoverse offers an immersive shopping experience, comprising interactive and gamified elements. The virtual showroom offers 360-degree views of jewellery items. Interactive features allow customers to zoom in for intricate details and gain deeper insights into the products. The showroom also offer an integrated “Try On” feature, enabling customers to virtually try on jewelry items.

Senco Gold had a stellar debut on the exchanges, listing at Rs 431, a premium of 36% over the IPO price in July. While the shares had dropped to Rs 358.25 rupees some weeks after the IPO in Mumbai trading, they recently spiked to hit a record high of 509.25 rupees earlier this week.

ET Online had reported last week that the D-Street listing had added glitter to the brand value and the retailed was seeing higher footfall across stores. However, the company did not disclose any recent financial details. Joita Sen, the Director and Head of Design & Marketing at Senco, said that Sencoverse currently features 100 exquisite products from the Everlite Collection and others, with plans to expand the product range in a phased manner.Senco has also introduced a treasure hunt game within Sencoverse. Four elusive jewelry pieces are hidden throughout the metaverse. Users who successfully locate all four pieces will be rewarded with 500 reward points that can be redeemed at any Senco store for enticing discounts and offers.


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