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Shahid Mallya: Music labels must back Indian music, not focus on minting money

Ek Kudi (Udta Punjab) singer Shahid Mallya feels slowly but surely Indian-raag based music is making a comeback.

Shahid Mallya (Instagram)

“Indian classical music is back on the scene! Big music labels must present good Indian music rather than focusing on minting money. It’s their responsibility to back good music instead of rap and western music-based songs. This is the time to save our musical legacy, else time is not far that people will not know about sur, taal and raag. Indian music should be treated as sanskritik darohar (cultural heritage) and raag-based songs must be made, and work of our great singers must be played on radio, TV as well as digital mediums,” says the Shauk (Qala) singer on his recent visit to Lucknow.

Shahid Mallya on his recent visit to Deva Sharif Dargah near Lucknow.
Shahid Mallya on his recent visit to Deva Sharif Dargah near Lucknow.

Mallya adds, “Film music has suffered as in Bollywood either rap or recreated music is being extensively used. Another problem is that in this digital age where the programmer plays all instruments on piano, this seriously needs to change. Instruments being played by parangat (well-trained and expert) musicians make a huge difference. That’s the reason we like yesteryear’s music and songs. ”

The singer has now recognised the importance of face value. He has realised that staying away from social media and remaining focused on work totally “was a mistake”.

“A start has been made but the bang-on recognition is yet to come. I used to be very media shy and never reached out to people which I realised seeing these so-called social media and TikTok stars. They use music, songs, dialogues and content made by others and gain immense popularity by just enacting. Now, I have recognised the importance of face value aur jald hi apni pehchaan bata doonga. I have become active and hope that I will too catch-up soon. I will soon feature in my two singles, so things are on track,” says the singer.

His last song release was Dil Jahan Bhi Le Chala in Jubilee, and he has also sung for music composers Amir Trivedi, Pritam and Vishal-Shekar.

On his visit to Lucknow, he visited the dargah at Dewa Sharif. “Since the last 11 years I have been visiting the Dargah every year. This time I had less time but still I managed to visit at 1 am. I get a lot of positive energy there.”

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