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Sindhi Panchayat suggests to develop Bairagarh as textile market


Pujya Sindhi Panchayat has suggested the government to develop Bairagarh to Bhainsakhedi like Misrod Road. Wholesale Textiles Business Association and Pujya Sindhi Panchayat have suggested making textiles hub between Mandi and Bhainsakhedi. For this, the office bearers of the organisation will meet the public representatives, so that provision can be made in the master plan.

There is a lack of space in the residential area for the development of Bairagarh. Due to the Upper Lake at one end and the railway line at the other end, now only the area from Sehore Naka to Bhainsakhedi area is left for development.

Recently, for the Master Plan 2031, the institutions of Bairagarh had suggested the government to develop the Sehore Naka area. Officials of Pujya Sindhi Panchayat say that Bairagarh is backward in terms of development. The main reason for this is not paying attention to the Sehore Naka area. The land use of the vacant land near the Upper Lake can be changed to make it a developed area. The textile association has suggested making textiles hub here by marking the government land.

Panchayat Vice President Bharat Aswani and Harish Mehrchandani say that the lands around Bairagarh is declared residential. Some land is in the green belt. Some land is in the catchment, due to which Bairagarh is not being developed like Misrod Road.

While preparing the master plan draft, the Panchayat had suggested to the Rural and Urban Investment Department to make an alternate route along the Upper Lake and make it a textile hub. If this happens, cloth mills can open here like Surat.

According to Textile Association President Kanhaiya Israni, MP Pragya Singh had said at the swearing-in ceremony of the association that a textile hub should be made here. We have urged MLA Rameshwar Sharma to allot government land between Sehore block and Bhainsakhedi, where textile mills can be set up.


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