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SNL: Dakota Johnson mocks Justin Timberlake’s comeback during opening monologue

Yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live saw Dakota Johnson and Justin Timberlake having a reunion during her opening monologue. The duo’s last on-screen appearance together was in an awkward “morning-after” scene in the 2010 hit film Social Network. During the monologue, Johnson mocked the night’s musical guest amid promotions for his upcoming album and world tour.

Justin Timberlake and Dakota Johnson in Saturday Night Live

Dakota Johnson mocks Justin Timberlake’s musical ‘comeback’

The Mirrors singer, who is gearing up for his first world tour in five years, recently announced his upcoming sixth studio album. Set to release on March 15, Everything I Thought It Was is Timberlake’s first LP since 2018’s Man of the Woods. During the SNL monologue on January 27, Johnson seized the opportunity to poke fun at Timberlake’s “comeback” after he pleaded to partake in the episode’s skits.

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After crashing Johnson’s monologue, the former NSync member said, “I have hosted before.” He then mouthed, “five times.” To this, the Madame Web star said, “Yeah, well, that was ten years ago.” She continued, “I’m so happy you chose my show for your comeback.”

Visibly offended but in a humorous way, Timberlake asked, “Comeback? Is that what we’re calling it?” “Yeah, comeback in a good way,” Johnson replied. To this, the Tunnel Vision singer quipped, “Oh, OK, I see what this is. This is where we make a joke like, ‘First, he was bringing sexy back, and now he’s bringing coming back.”

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However, Johnson disagreed as she said, “I wouldn’t phrase it like that.” Alongside Timberlake, late-night show host Jimmy Fallon also interrupted Johnson’s monologue. Fallon said, “I’m here to say break a leg,” before leaving with the What Goes Around Comes Around singer.

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