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SNL: Olivia Rodrigo performs Vampire, Adam Driver returns as host


On this week’s episode, American actor Adam Driver returned to Saturday Night Live as a host for the fourth time. The House of Gucci star was joined by singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo as the musical guest. The 20-year-old singer took the stage for the second time this week and performed hits like Vampire and All American B**ch. Driver’s act was filled with hilarious jokes including a list of Christmas wishes to Santa.

Adam Driver and Olivia Rodrigo on SNL
Adam Driver and Olivia Rodrigo on SNL

Adam Driver makes a reference to his role in Star Wars

The 40-year-old actor took the stage to deliver his opening monologue while playing a piano. Driver revealed some of his oddly specific wishes for Christmas as he recited a letter to Santa while playing the instrument. “Hey, Santa! It’s me, Adam Driver from the nice list and also Girls,” the Ferrari star said, adding, “I turned 40 this year, Santa, so I’d like five pairs of Chinos.”

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He then made a hilarious reference to portraying Kylo Ren in Star Wars as he joked about not killing Han Solo. “I’d like people to stop coming up to me on the street saying, ‘You killed Han Solo,’” Driver said. “I didn’t kill Han Solo. Wokeness killed Han Solo,” he added. The Last Duel actor contemplated on what else he wants for Christmas and said, “You know those TikToks where it’s like those couples who do pranks on each other? Can you kill those people?”

Olivia Rodrigo performs hits with a twist

For her first act, the Driver’s License hitmaker performed a stripped-down piano rendition of her song Vampire. She sang in a soft melodious voice, giving an emotional tone to the song. Interestingly, Rodrigo wore alphabet rings that spelt out GUTS, which is the name of her second studio name.

In contrast to the first song, Rodrigo spiced up her second act as she performed All American B**ch. With a dramatic approach, she slashed the blood-red cake with a knife and smeared it on her face. The stage was filled with props ranging from tea cups to other confectionaries. At the end of the performance, Rodrigo stuck out her tongue at the cameras.


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