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Sound of Freedom: Box office hit faces online release delay | Hollywood


While Sound of Freedom initially set an online release date, it has recently been revealed that there has been a delay in its availability. The film’s impressive performance at the box office has boosted the fans curiosity, leaving them eager to know when it will be available online.

Box Office Triumph: 'Sound of Freedom' Delays Online Release, Keeping Fans Anticipating.(Twitter . X)
Box Office Triumph: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Delays Online Release, Keeping Fans Anticipating.(Twitter . X)

In August 2023, a listing indicated that Sound of Freedom was scheduled for an online release on September 15th.

However, according to WhenToStream, the digital release date on Redbox has now been changed from September 15th to “Coming Soon,” hinting a delay until the fall of 2023. The timing of Angel Studios’ decision to release the film online remains uncertain.

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Sound of Freedom, directed by Alejandro Monteverde, made its debut in theaters on July 4th. It is based on the true story of a former government agent who rescued children from sex traffickers in Colombia. The film’s exceptional box office performance may be the reason for the delay in its digital release.

The latest information states that Sound of Freedom, as reported by Box Office Moj, has grossed a worldwide total of $210.5 million. Given that the movie is still being shown in theaters, this total is expected to increase eventually.

It’s possible that Angel Studios has chosen to extend the film’s exclusive run to maximize its box office earnings. Notably, the theater release of Sound of Freedom has recently begun globally.

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According to Dexerto, the movie premiered in cinemas in August 2023 in countries like South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and New Zealand.

It also premiered in UK and Irish theaters on September 1st, with a forthcoming premiere in the Philippines on Wednesday, September 20th.

This delay in the online release date benefits film enthusiasts who prefer to experience the film on the big screen, as Sound of Freedom is still being screened in theaters.


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