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Spur Dshelters redefines Dome-making with innovative elements of constt – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism


Dome-Shells constructed by Spur Dshelters in Jammu.
Dome-Shells constructed by Spur Dshelters in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 5: Spur Dshelters, a private limited company based at Jammu, have redefined Dome-making with innovative elements of formwork and construction.
The Company claims to have technology to construct fastest and most economical Dome-Shells. The company claims that Dome-Shells by them are most organic and eco-sensitive.
The patent certificates of the Company have been issued by Intellectual Property of India, which is a subordinate office of government of India to administer all patents, designs, trademarks and geographical indicators in India. Spur-D has also trademarked their name and logo.
Over the last 6 years, Spur Dshelters have constructed over 20 Dome-Shells in Jammu and its peripheries. Their major achievement is their first and ongoing tourism based project: Ik Gran Saarve Bhumee at Block Khoon, Majalta, Udhampur. Their other major project is also hospitality based, being constructed at Barnoti (Kathua), where they have demonstrated great possibilities through Dome-Shells. They have constructed a set of 4 interconnected shells of different sizes, the largest one being of 28 feet diameter, having 19 feet height.
The Company claims to have constructed all these shells in less than 1/3 of cost of Dome construction by conventional method and almost 1/10 of the amount charged by popular international Dome constructors.
Director, Spur D, Aastha Thappa, said, “We will like to project our cast-in-situ products for tourism and hospitality and, in the next phase, we will be introducing our pre-cast products, that will be cater to ready-to-install, small, emergency/short-term shelter requirements. We are also preparing to introduce another low-cost, cast-in-situ, product for universal use, named Moor n Spur, which will cost almost at par with modern day tents used for eco-tourism but 100 % resilient to storms, rains, winds and snow.”
“All Spur Dome-Shells made till date, stand firm, are sturdy and proving useful to the end user. They are undoubtedly unique, different and novel. With every new project, we have been able to reduce the quantum of recourses consumed while increasing the speed of construction. Our shell-building parameters are all fine and in complete control,” said Paras Singh, Director, Spur D.


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