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Steel prices on the rise; Contractors say it’s a great time to build


MARION, Ill. (WSIL) — If your building project involves steel, you may have noticed a surge in prices, and now is a better time than ever to place an order. Prices have risen around twenty to thirty percent.

According to True Built Farming and Commerical Business President Josh Zettler, a good vendor could help with the price you pay.

Zettler said these new prices give his customers a competitive advantage because of the amount of steel they use when building. He explained how now is a great time to build with steel as opposed to lumber.

Josh Zettler said, “last year during COVID, versus buying a building today. You’re going to see an increase with us, with post-frame, you’re not going to see as much as an increase. So even with the competitive increase rates right now. It still makes sense to look at building today. So a lot of people are scared just based on news, that you’re not going to be able to afford to build today and what we are saying to you is that is not the case,” said Zettler.

Zettler said because of the way a grain bin is built, it could cost a builder way more, whereas building a post-frame bin doesn’t require as much lumber giving the consumer a competitive advantage.


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