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Stranger Things season 5: 5 original cast members unlikely to return for finale


The Upside Down is witnessing a cast shakeup. As Hawkins prepares for its farewell in the final season of Stranger Things, casting news brings both familiar faces and bittersweet goodbyes. Despite the Duffer Bros’ earlier remarks about not being in favor of and ‘staying away’ from making any changes to the casting lineup, it appears that a few beloved characters have already bid farewell. As of now Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle has confirmed not returning to the finale. Here is the list of cast members who may not return.

Stranger Things season 5(Netflix)
Stranger Things season 5(Netflix)

Cast members possibly sitting out of Stranger Things Season 5

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Eduardo Franco as Argyle

Eduardo Franco recently confirmed he won’t be reprising his role because he “never got a phone call.” In an interview on the Steve Varley Show, Franco, who plays Jonathan Byers’ (Charlie Heaton) stoner best friend in the show, expressed, “I appreciate that. It’s reassuring to know there’s some level of concern, you know what I mean? But yeah, I never received a phone call, so I believe that’s the situation.”

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson’s heroic sacrifice in Stranger Things 4 provided a fitting end to his journey. Eddie, known for facing judgment, bravely and honorably sacrificed himself to protect Hawkins. People online speculate about him possibly coming back as “undead,” but it’s not confirmed if Joseph Quinn will be in season 5. Quinn was even absent from the main cast photo dropped by the franchise, so there is very little or poor chance of him returning as a “Vampire” as per fan theories.

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Matthew Modine as Dr. Martin Brenner

Matthew Modine, the actor, is hoping for an unexpected comeback in Stranger Things Season 5, similar to his surprise appearance in Season 4. Although Dr. Brenner is officially killed off in Season 4, with the show creators hinting at his permanent demise, Modine remains eager to return to the series. Regrettably, his exclusion from the poster, coupled with the assertion that his character is ‘dead for good,’ makes the possibility of his return nonexistent.

Speaking with he earlier said, “I hope that there’s some way to resuscitate Dr. Brenner and put him in season 5 because it would be wonderful to be part of the last season. Well, we didn’t see him dead – he was just lying there in the dirt. He’s survived the Demogorgon, he survived Vecna in episode 1 of season 4..”

Gabriella Grace Pizzolo as Suzie

Though not a native of Hawkins, Suzie emerged as a crucial player in rescuing the city in both seasons 3 and 4 of Stranger Things. With hopes for a more prominent role in the final season, fans were surprised to not see her included on the official character poster.

Dmitri Antonov (Tom Wlaschiha) and Yuri Ismaylov (Nikola Duricko), on the other hand, are probably not going to return, according to the “extremely unlikely to return” labeling theories of Stranger Things season 5.

A new cast member joins Stranger Things season 5

On the other hand, one new cast member is joining the finale of Stranger Things. Linda Hamilton, best known for her sci-fi appearance and action movie stunts, has officially joined the cast approaching the finale. While her role is still a secret, Netflix revealed a few important revelations during the Tudum event.


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