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Sukino Healthcare plans expansion in South


Sukino Healthcare Solutions is planning to widen its presence in Bengaluru and Kochi markets and expand to Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada, a top company executive said.

The firm offers complete out-of-hospital recuperative, rehabilitative and palliative care to patients at any transitory stage of illness for speedy recovery.

“We currently have 150 beds in Bengaluru and Kochi at six centres and the aim is to have 500 beds two years from now by expanding in the existing cities and adding new cities in South India,” said founder and CEO Rajinish Menon.

“We plan to have 1,500 beds by 2025,” he added.

He said the demand for rehabilitation care outside hospitals is increasing because hospitals which generally provide such facility want to free beds for fresh patients and the services provided there are expensive as compared to continuum care facilities like Sukino.

The firm’s 300 employees provide services to over 1,000 patients at its six centres at any given time and they have treated more than 5,000 patients so far, Mr. Menon said.

The number of patients who need extended care stay at the firm’s centres for three months and above make up for almost 70-80% of the capacity at any given time, he added.

The firm only charges for the number of days the patient stays there and the services start from ₹1,000 per day for basic care at home to ₹4,500 for comprehensive rehabilitative and palliative care at the firm’s facilities. The cost is one fourth of what a patient would normally pay at the hospital, he added.

Having started with a small investment of less than ₹10 lakh, it has raised $1.5 million cumulatively from marquee HNIs and their family offices like Kris Gopalakrishnan.

The firm has been EBITDA positive for 18 months and is continuously investing to increase the spend for enhancing the bed capacity and clinical care capabilities, Mr. Menon said.

“The growth year-on-year has been ranging between 60% and 75% since 2016 and we expect this growth to continue as we see a huge demand for our module of services,” the CEO added.


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