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Suman Gupta: People are quick to judge you on the basis of your private life

Actor Suman Gupta believes in closely guarding her personal life as people tend to get judgmental.

Suman Gupta

The Michael Photographer, Bal Krishna and Midsummer Midnight Mumbai actor says, “To be precise why should I talk about things that I am not comfortable sharing publicly. Also, in all these years in the industry, I have seen people around judging you, once you allow your personal life to be out in the open. For others, it’s just a day’s news but for the artiste it becomes a matter of concern. I have seen many women actors facing the repercussions of such disclosures. People are quick to judge you on the basis of your private life that ultimately affects our psyche and work.”

Of late Gupta had been keen to try OTT as a medium. She adds, “The kind of work happening in web space is exceptionally good and that’s why I opted for two such projects. I feel working on OTT does help you to polish your craft. As an artiste working across the mediums is the key and I try my best to make the most of the offers coming my way.”

Currently, Gupta is busy playing antagonist in a TV daily. “If you see my work profile, you will find quite a few mythological shows there, which were surely unintended. Henceforth, it was on my mind to do a contemporary drama like Dheere Dheere Se where I got a chance to shed the mythological image I have earned over the time. As an actor, it’s necessary to avoid getting typecast in one’s career,” says Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala and Gustakh Dil actor.

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