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Summer haircare tips: Say goodbye to summer hair struggles | Health


As the seasons change, so do the needs of our hair and with summer’s arrival just around the corner, there are tell-tale signs of change – increased dryness, frizz and the dreaded surge in hair fall. It is a common struggle, as the combination of heat, humidity and exposure to UV rays can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of locks.

Summer haircare tips: Say goodbye to summer hair struggles (Photo by Ali Karimiboroujeni on Unsplash)
Summer haircare tips: Say goodbye to summer hair struggles (Photo by Ali Karimiboroujeni on Unsplash)

Today’s women are increasingly prioritizing quick application, safety for both hair and scalp and long-lasting results that leads them to opt for chemical treatments that deliver shiny, straight, and easily manageable hair. Amidst the array of hair treatments promising one-time solutions for manageable locks like Keratin, Botox, Cysteine, claim to be safe and offer enduring results for your hair but not all the treatments live up to their promises, which ends up resulting in hair fall, hair thinning or scalp allergies.

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Shailesh Moolya, National Technical Head at Godrej Professional shared about how treatments such as Botosmooth, which are formaldehyde free and long lasting without damaging the texture of hair, can be a great option to combat frizz and itchy scalp that is common during summers. Believing that gone are the days of spending hours wrestling with styling tools or battling with unruly locks, he suggested, “Opt for hair treatment which are tailored to individual hair types and enriched with essential nutri oils and shea butter which deeply nourish the hair, resulting in a silky-smooth, frizz-free finish.”

He said, “Getting these treatments is the first step, however post care is as essential because that helps ensure it lasts longer and is more effective. Following the treatment, it’s important to use salon recommended post-care products, or products such as Keracare, to restore hair nutrients and prevent damage. Maintaining healthy hair from the sun’s rays is crucial as your strands deserve essential proteins and shield from excessive heat exposure. Opting for a one-time solution is a game-changer for women everywhere, offering the promise of effortlessly chic hair that enhances confidence and simplifies your daily routine.”


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