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Survivor 44 recap: Carolyn Wiger steals the show with quirky personality

In the latest episode of Survivor 44, Carolyn Wiger stole the show with her quirky personality and incredible stories. From combing through her son’s poop to find a swallowed tooth to ordering chocolate ice cream for a reason, Carolyn has a gazillion stories that would make anyone’s life seem mundane in comparison.

But despite having an idol in her pocket, Carolyn found herself in danger of getting voted out on day 5. However, the Survivor gods intervened and convinced Sarah to vote out Helen instead, saving Carolyn from elimination.

Carolyn’s tribe, Tika, also includes the eccentric Yam Yam, who does bearded drag as Storm and rejoices over pooping in the ocean. Despite Yam Yam’s colorful personality, Carolyn still manages to steal the spotlight.

Producers have spent a lot of time with other tribes, but Carolyn and Yam Yam are the real stars of Survivor 44. If it were up to the fans, they would have all camera crews on Tika, following Carolyn, Yam Yam, and the charismatic nerd with the 3D printer.

With Carolyn still in the game and her idol intact, it’s time to celebrate with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. But before we do that, let’s not forget the other big moments from episode 2 of Survivor 44.

The episode of Survivor had some exciting moments, including some players using their Shot in the Dark. Jaime had a reason to be paranoid, as Maddy revealed in her exit interview that Jaime was the original target before the plan changed to vote out Brandon. Matthew used his Shot to avoid revealing his true allegiance to other players. While this seems like a waste of a Shot, it could be a unique strategy to use the Shot as a tool in the game in another way.

Cast of ‘Survivor 44’

The showmance between Frannie and Matt is not being hidden very well, and this could be dangerous for them. While they are adorable together, they could become a power couple that needs to be broken up. Two more keys for birdcages were found, and both players who found them (Danny on Soka and Carolyn on Tika) were smarter than Brandon in how they handled it. Carolyn forgot to close the bag after taking the idol and trinket, but no one suspected her. The Tika tribe is terrible at reading body language.

In the immunity challenge, Claire volunteered to sit out, which was a surprising move. Although her tribe won both challenges, it was still a “hunh” moment for Jeff Probst and the audience. While it could have been a smart move to avoid blame if the tribe lost, going all the way to Fiji to play Survivor and sitting out voluntarily seems like a waste.

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