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TANSIDCO begins land-levelling work in SIPCOT Industrial Park in Manaparai

Having been granted ‘enter-upon’ permission at the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) Industrial Park at Manapparai, the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (TANSIDCO) is in the process of levelling the land and laying road on the allotted area of 130 acres.

But for a portion of land in Vazhavanthankottai Industrial Estate that has been re-developed for allotment, all industrial plots in the rest of the industrial estates at Thuvakudi, Tivuverumbur, Ariyamangalam and Kumbakudi in the district have been occupied.

The TANSIDCO is learnt to have approached the Revenue Department for allotment of land for establishing new industrial estates.

“There is immense patronage for industrial plots in SIDCO industrial estates,” said S. Gopalakrishnan, Secretary of Tiruchi District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association.

The TANSIDCO is likely to allot the industrial plots under development at SIPCOT Industrial Park to applicants after six months, official sources said.

In the total area of 436.05 hectares, the plot area accounts for 328.59 hectares in the SIPCOT Industrial Park.

Of the remaining area, roads and storm water drainage require 22.81 hectares, common amenities (EB, water storage, fire services, administrative office) – 3.51 hectares, commercial activities – 11.72 ha, green belt outside plot area (open space reservation) – 43.25 ha, green belt along roadside – 5.69 ha, solid waste management – 16.95 ha, and water bodies (which will not be encroached) – 3.55 hectares.

The proposed industries include all general engineering units such as fabrication, machining, forging, and castings; auto components; food processing industries; packaging uits; paper conversion; and other industries that are not under the purview of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) notification, 2006.

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