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Tata Steel’s VP Rajiv Mangal discusses holistic lifecycle assessment in the steel industry


Rajiv Mangal, Vice President of Safety, Health & Sustainability at Tata Steel, discussed the lifecycle assessment in Steel industry from the perspective of environment, technology, society and costing.

The 10th International Conference on Sustainability, SUSCON X, of IIM Shillong successfully concluded, marking a significant milestone in addressing global sustainability challenges. The inaugural ceremony was attended by Mangal.

Highlighting certain initiatives of Tata group like Project Aalingana and their NET Zero Target of 2025, he discussed the bigger picture on sustainability that the TATA group practices on the whole.

The three-day intellectual exchange drew the participation of 120 global delegates. The International Conference was partnered by Clark University, as a Knowledge Partner.

The theme of the SUSCON-X was Revisit, Revive, and Restore – that provided an essential forum for an in-depth exploration of pressing sustainability issues.

A total of 77 research papers were presented, and categorized into 15 distinct technical sessions. These sessions comprehensively addressed sustainability through seven different lenses of Management, including Economics and Public Policy, Finance and Control, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource, Operations and Quantitative Techniques, Marketing, Information System and Analytics, and Strategy and Liberal Studies.Kartikeya Vikram Sarabhai a leader in environmental education and a dedicated community builder – who discussed the role of lifestyle in ensuring sustainability.He brought forward a new perspective on sustainability which not only talks about use and consumption of resources but also the environmental impact of these consumptions that left all with an idea of not just counting the footprints but also highlighting the significance of palm prints, that depicts the positive impact on environmental sustainability, he brought an end to the inaugural ceremony.

Sekhar Prabhakar– CEO and Founder of CEdge Software Consultants and a social entrepreneur who has closely been working with the silent environmentalists – the waste pickers, taking reference to his organization – Hasiru Dala, he emphasized on people-centric sustainability initiatives that could be replicated all over the country.

Professor Lin Peng, a Professor of Finance at Baruch College, the City University of New York – in her virtual address to the participants, brought forward the idea of ESG-Linked Pay Around The World.

She presented a detailed view on the recent Trends, Determinants, and Outcomes of the ESG concept.

The 10th Edition of SUSCON-X has created a platform for global dialogues and deliberations, aspiring to shape a value-based, humane, and sustainable future.


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