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TDP seeks resignation of MPs to save steel plant


TDP corporator Kaki Govinda Reddy has said that there will be no change in the attitude of the Centre on privatisation of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) until MPs M.V.V. Satyanarayana (Visakhapatnam) and B.V. Satyavathi (Anakapalle) resign from their posts.

Addressing a media conference here on Monday, along with Corporator Lella Koteswara Rao and senior TDP leaders Ramana Reddy and HMS president D. Appa Rao, Mr. Govinda Reddy said that there was no response from the Union government though widespread agitations were being organised for the past 53 days. The handing over of the plant to private investors would result in injustice to 8,500 ‘R’ card holders, who have been waiting for jobs in the steel plant, till date, he said.

He recalled that the former Minister and TDP leader Ganta Srinivasa Rao had resigned as MLA seeking continuation of VSP in the public sector. The two MP s had announced at a protest near the GVMC, a month ago, that they would resign from their posts to oppose the privatisation of the steel plant. He sought that the two MPs should keep their promise, at least now, to save the VSP.

Mr. Koteswara Rao said that the two MPs had raised the issue in the Lok Sabha once but did not do it a second time. The impact of the agitation for VSP would be felt in Delhi only when they resign as MPs, he said.


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