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Textile-Contact Group opens production of interior products


Textile-Contact Group opens production of interior products

Textile-Contact has opened a new production – tailoring interior products on the first floor of the building, where the showroom of the company in Kyiv is located on the second and third floors, said owner of the group Oleksandr Sokolovsky.

“Today we are opening a new project. And it is again about production … And although the new production has been operating for almost two months, only today we decided to announce the official opening,” he wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, Sokolovsky noted that the war had hit hard on sales of the entire “civilian” assortment of the group – not only clothing fabrics, but also furniture and decorative fabrics, which the company has been selling wholesale, retail and through the TK.UA online store for 27 years.

According to him, on the initiative of the head of the decor department, Olena Volosevych, the areas of the closed large Pilates salon were rented, where the TK-Decor & Factory facility is located, which is already equipped with the necessary modern equipment and can perform tasks of any complexity from mass production to individual orders.

The new factory produces curtains, tulle, tablecloths, kitchen sets, decorative pillows and covers, everything for HoReCa, shoppers, bags, interior items.

“There are already orders for Rozetka, Epicenter, Leroy Merlin, OLDI, and several individual orders,” Sokolovsky said.

Textile-Contact is one of the largest trade and production groups in the light industry market of Ukraine, founded in 1995. Currently, it represents a holding uniting various areas of assets: wholesale and retail trade, import of fabrics, accessories and home textiles, production of fabrics, threads, dry cleaning, as well as tailoring and overalls (including military uniforms), medical goods production.


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