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The Bachelor’s Zach faces backlash for Lying – Is he the most hated lead yet?


The Bachelor has been around for decades, and it has never been short of controversies. The show’s premise involves a man dating 30 women at once, with weekly eliminations and fantasy suite dates thrown in for good measure. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s a wonder that the show has been running for so long. Recently, Zach Shallcross, the Bachelor of Season 27, faced criticism for lying about when he knew he was going to pick Kaity Biggar. So, is he the most hated lead yet?

Bachelor's Zach(File Photo)
Bachelor’s Zach(File Photo)

The moral dilemma of lying on reality TV

On the one hand, being dishonest about who you’re going to pick and when you made the final decision is morally wrong. However, the entire show’s premise is immoral. The show requires that a certain number of people be sent home each week, with a few more or less depending on circumstances. This is pretty much set in stone, and the lead has to abide by these rules, whether they like it or not. So Zach telling Gabi Elnicki he made the decision the night before, but later saying he’s known it was Kaity for longer than that, is not entirely his fault.

The complicated world of Fantasy Suites and relationships

Most leads have strung along people they knew they didn’t see at the end of the show, and vice versa. The fantasy suite aspect of the show further complicates matters. In an effort to keep things uncomplicated, Zach established a policy of refraining from sexual activity with any of his three finalists. But when he and Gabi decided to be intimate, things got complicated. Zach then told Kaity about it to clear his conscience, which was not the right thing to do.

The betrayal of trust: Gabi’s feelings and Zach’s confession

Gabi felt violated when Zach shared their intimate moment with the rest of the world, and she had every right to be upset. She had thought that their decision to have sex was just between the two of them, and Zach broke that trust. It’s a part of her that she can never get back, and it’s now out there for the entire nation to see.

The reality of reality TV: Morality is a tricky thing

We have to accept that morality on reality TV is a tricky thing. The contestants sign up for the show knowing what they’re getting into. They know that they’re going to be put in situations that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter in real life. They know that their actions will be recorded for millions of people to watch. They know that they’ll be judged, criticized, and sometimes even ridiculed.

In a way, everyone who goes on the show is sort of trying to make the best of a situation. Some of them might genuinely be looking for love, while others might be there for fame and fortune.

So, is Zach the most hated Bachelor? It’s hard to say. Every season brings its own controversies, and every lead has its own set of fans and critics. But what we can say is that the Bachelor franchise is not going away anytime soon.


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