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These are the 6 best kept secrets of Dutch health insurance

You only have a few days to obtain a new health insurance plan for 2023. What is important to you, the lowest possible price, the most extensive coverage or the best policy conditions?

Either way, before you decide, we would like to share with you the six best kept secrets of Dutch health insurance.

Let’s dive right in.

1. There is a cheaper alternative within the same company

There is a cheaper alternative within every big insurance company. So, if you currently have the basic insurance package from Zilveren Kruis, CZ, VGZ or Menzis, there are loads of opportunities to save some money in 2023.

Four examples:

  • Switch from Zilveren Kruis to ZieZo ⇒ Saves € 108
  • Switch from CZ to Just ⇒ Saves € 47
  • Switch from VGZ to United Consumers ⇒ Saves € 66
  • Switch from Menzis to VinkVink ⇒ Saves € 114

2. Some insurance plans are filled with free extras

Insurance companies pull out all the stops to distinguish themselves from the competition. A low price and good coverage alone is no longer enough. That’s why several insurance companies offer lots of free extras with their basic plan.

Popular examples include:

  • A personal health check
  • A free app that allows you to directly text a medical professional
  • A lifestyle program with cash incentives
  • Free accident insurance
  • Discounts at gyms and health clubs

But how do you know which plans have the best extras for your situation?

Zorgwijzer’s English comparison tool gives you a solid overview of all the plusses and minuses per health insurance plan.

Check it out for yourself

3. Going for additional insurance doesn’t always make sense

In some cases, it is much cheaper to simply go with a basic insurance plan and ignore the supplemental insurance plans. Just pay for certain treatments yourself.

This could be the case for reimbursements like:

  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Yearly dentist check-ups and dental cleanings
  • Braces and other orthodontics
  • Alternative healthcare treatments, like acupuncture and chiropractic care

You can check for yourself if certain supplemental insurances are worthwhile or not.

Just follow these steps when choosing a supplemental plan:

  1. Calculate the total value of reimbursements that you expect to receive next year.
  2. Subtract this amount with the total premium that is due for the additional plan.
  3. Is the result negative? Then you won’t benefit from an additional insurance.

4. Most insurance companies will directly accept you

Health insurance companies have a duty of acceptance for their basic health insurance plans. This means the insurer is not allowed to refuse your insurance request, based on your age, background, healthcare situation or gender.

So if even if you need a great deal of healthcare or expensive medication, you will always be accepted, even if it is the cheapest or most extensive basic plan.

For the most part, the same situation applies for supplemental insurance plans.

Some exceptions apply:

  • Dental coverage above 500 euro
  • Unlimited physiotherapy
  • Orthodontics

For these coverages, a waiting time of one year or medical selection might be demanded, which may lead to non-acceptance.

5. You can also choose a plan in January

Many people do not know that it is possible to choose a new insurance plan next January.

So, in fact you have a whole month extra to compare a health insurance (in Dutch, this is called: zorgverzekering vergelijken).

The only important thing to make use of this is to make sure that your current insurance plan is cancelled before the end of the year.

6. You get a 14 day reflection period

Are you going to change your health insurance for 2023? Then you always have a 14-day reflection period in which you can cancel your decision for free and at no cost. Just be aware that this only applies for people that use the internet or phone to close their insurance plan.

Still don’t know what to choose? Here’s a tool that will help you find the best and cheapest health insurance in 2023.

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