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Tini Tom claims drug use in Malayalam film industry, Dhyan Sreenivasan reacts

Malayalam actor Tini Tom’s recent statement about the Malayalam film industry has sent shockwaves. Speaking at an event, he said that he recently worked with an actor whom he suspected to be a drug addict and due to which feels drug use is rampant in Malayalam filmdom. Tini Tom is also an executive member of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). (Also Read | Shane Nigam and Sreenath Bhasi banned for ‘bad behavior’ on sets by Malayalam film unions)

Tini Tom claimed use of drugs in the Malayalam film industry. Dhyan Sreenivasan has reacted.

Tini added that he and his wife have decided to keep their son, who is keen to become an actor, away from the industry. Speaking at a college event, Tini Tom said, “My son recently got a chance to act as the child of a major actor but my wife refused to allow it. My wife is worried for him. Dangerous times ahead.” However, he didn’t name the actor.

He further said, “I noticed that his (major actor) teeth had decayed due to excessive drug usage. Many people say that he takes drugs to perform better. Today, it’s his teeth but tomorrow it could be his bones. We should be addicted to arts but not drugs.”

Reacting to Tini’s statement, actor Dhyan Sreenivasan said that drugs can’t be forced on anyone and those who take it are aware it’s wrong. “Those who decide to harm themselves with drugs, they will. If Tiny Tom’s son knows it’s wrong to use drugs and that it’s harmful, he won’t. No one is forcing it on him,” Dhyan was quoted as saying in a report by Onmanorama.

Last month, The Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) and Kerala Film Producers Association jointly issued a ban of popular Malayalam actors Shane Nigam and Sreenath Bhasi after repeated complaints of bad behaviour on film sets in recent times. Reportedly, one of the complaints has been about the alleged use of drugs on film sets.

Producer and Kerala Film Producers head M Ranjith alleged that both Shane and Sreenath were often under the influence of drugs on the film sets, which created a lot of nuisance to the respective film producers and their crew.

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