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Turn moments into memories: #UnwrapHappiness with Airtel Payments Bank


Christmas and year-end gatherings bring that warm, fuzzy feeling as loved ones unite under one roof. These get-togethers, when peppered with simmering cups of hot cocoa, delicious food, memories and conversations, become unforgettable. Gifts exchanged are the cherry on this cake. But gifting can get tricky because of different tastes and perceptions.

The gesture of giving gifts to each other is a lot about feeling and love. It is the thought that counts, after all. With the convenience and choice of sending gift cards in minutes from anywhere, anytime, it gives you the ultimate delight to #UnwrapHappiness for your loved ones.

But wondering, how? Well, this sentiment is captured well by Airtel Payments Bank as it gives you the perfect solution with its exciting rewards program and customised gift cards!

Tis the time for exciting rewards!
Prepping for the Christmas and year-end celebrations is a lot more fun when you get rewarded for spending. So, as you tick off every item on your shopping list, be it ordering your favourite pizza, getting your party essentials or booking tickets for your holidays, earn rewards on every transaction. Airtel Payments Bank’s Rewards123 program enables you to make the most out of its exclusive offers on every transaction. So, while you get everything in place for your Christmas and year-end party, there is a reward system that gives you an extra reason to smile.

Unleash the joy of gifting with bespoke gift cards
If you are looking for last-minute Christmas gifts and don’t know what to buy for your loved ones, don’t worry! Taking gifting a notch higher, Airtel Payments Bank has brought customised gift cards across categories, making them a fantastic choice for showing your love and appreciation to friends and family during such special occasions.

So, whether you want to gift a shopping gift card unique to your shopaholic friend or an unforgettable experience to an ardent traveller friend, Airtel Payments Bank has got you covered. This holiday season, don’t just give a gift but also enjoy the convenience of sending the gifts in minutes, irrespective of the distance. This ultimately crafts an experience that will be treasured forever.

The #SafeDigitalAccount for all your holiday gifting
While Airtel Payments Bank sweetens your holiday shopping with Rewards123, it also takes thoughtful steps to secure your hard-earned money with Airtel Safe Pay. It is an additional layer of security that uses Airtel Network Intelligence to send alerts about transactions to your mobile number, ensuring that no transaction goes through without your confirmation. So, you can shop and gift with peace of mind this holiday season because Airtel Payments Bank safeguards your precious money.

Don’t wait; embark on a cheery ride this holiday season and make Airtel Payments Bank your perfect companion. So, open your Airtel Payments Bank savings account in minutes from the comfort of your home and switch to the #SafeDigitalAccount for all holiday gifting and rewarding transactions!


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