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Twin Ports Interchange Project Now Underway


DULUTH, Minn.– It looks a bit different driving down I-35 with the Twin Ports Interchange Project now underway.

The interchange, also known as “Can Of Worms,” the project replaces infrastructure on the interstate, roads, and exit ramps. UMD’s Engineering Department head says the interchange has outlived its 40-50 year lifetime after being built in the 1960s. And the new project will hope to last for the next 100 years if properly maintained.

“We’ve gone from everything being on pencil and paper to being able to actually model what the traffic flow would look like. And that’s a huge benefit when you look at something as complicated as our can of worms interchange,” said Dr. Andrea Shokker, Professor and Head of Civil Engineering Department at UMD.

Construction on the Twin Ports Interchange Project will continue until 2024.


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