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When we are brought up within atmospheres that gave us childhood trauma, we start to believe in certain assumptions – these assumptions further branch into convictions and we shape our behaviors around them. “Beliefs are assumptions that are held deep in our subconscious about ourselves, and the world, that automatically impact our behavior in a healthy or unhealthy way. ⁣Most of our beliefs are developed in childhood and are held deep in the subconscious, we may be completely unaware of what our beliefs are, yet they can impact us. To change the negative patterns in your life, you must first identify and release the limiting beliefs in the subconscious and then replace them with new, empowering beliefs,” wrote Therapist Emmylou Antonieth Seaman.

Unhealthy beliefs that stem from childhood trauma(Pexels)
Unhealthy beliefs that stem from childhood trauma(Pexels)

Here are a few unhealthy beliefs that people hold on to, that often stem from childhood trauma:

Not able to make decisions: We often think that we are not capable of taking decisions, be it big or small. This thought stops us from confidently deciding things for us as we feel that we will end up taking wrong decisions only.

Nothing good will last: We always feel that good things do not last – this comes from the trauma of living through hard experiences. We always assume the worst for us. Hence, we try to stay away from getting close with others as we will eventually get hurt.

Cannot make changes: We believe that we are not strong enough to make changes in our lives, and hence, rely on others to solve the problems and help us.

Blaming ourselves: We go through the struggle of constantly blaming ourselves, leading to low self-worth and self-confidence. This assumption also makes us apologise a lot, often for mistakes not made by us.

People-pleasing behavior: We feel good only when we try to make others happy. However, this also comes with the burden of not prioritising our needs and wants over others.


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