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UP Elections: Uttar Pradesh roads as bad as state’s law & order and health system: Mayawati


The condition of roads in Uttar Pradesh is as bad as the state’s law and order and health system, and is a proof of the Yogi Adityanath government’s failure, BSP President Mayawati charged on Wednesday. The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister noted that roads are directly connected to development and said despite all the claims of the government, the condition of roads is very bad.

“Like the law and order and health system in Uttar Pradesh, the bad condition of roads has led to suffering of the public. Newspapers are filled with news of road accidents and painful deaths due to water-filled potholes. This is most unfortunate and a living proof of the failure of the government,” the BSP president said in a tweet.

“Roads are specially related to the basic needs of the people and development and whatever slogans and claims the government might make, the condition of the roads in Uttar Pradesh has become so bad that people are unable to understand if there is a pothole on the road or a road in the pothole. Government needs to pay attention,” the BSP supremo added.


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