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UP govt schools get a makeover | Lucknow News


Lucknow: In order to improve quality of education, government schools under the leadership of chief minister Yogi Adityanath have been given a major makeover, said a UP government spokesperson. State-run primary schools, he said, have outperformed private schools in terms of basic facilities and infrastructure.
According to the spokesperson, the UP government, instead of establishing new schools, converted as many as 102 out of the 2,504 existing government schools in the Gorakhpur district into English medium institutions after giving thorough training to the teachers and providing English books.
Aiming for quality education, the Yogi government is amalgamating traditional teaching methodology with tech-based learning through computers and projectors. All the smart classes have been equipped with modern facilities, which has enhanced the understanding of the students.
In many districts, more than 100 primary schools have been developed at par with private schools. Following the instructions of the chief minister, more than 80% of primary and upper primary schools including the schools in Naharpur, Gulharia and Janipur in the Gorakhpur district have been fully transformed.
These schools now have improved washrooms with multiple hand wash dispensers to ensure overall hygiene and have also been made more appealing with vibrant wall paintings and in addition to this, the old hand pumps in all the schools have now been replaced with RO filtered water. Rickety old desks have been replaced with new ones and the dimly lit classrooms with crumbling ceilings are now boasting ample light and fresh interiors.
Consequently, the number of students in government schools has also increased rapidly. Parents are enrolling their children in government schools instead of choosing expensive private schools.
According to the district panchayati raj officer, Himanshu Thakur, 14 parameters under Operation Kayakalp have been formulated to develop the government schools, which include separate toilets for male and female students, hand wash dispensers and wash basins, appropriate floors and corridors with tiles, proper desks and furniture as well as adequate supply of electricity. So far, over 1,700 primary state-run schools have been transformed on nine parameters. Efforts are being made to fulfill the remaining standards soon.
The transformation is seen also in the standard of education. Sushma Tripathi, a teacher at Rudrapur Primary School, Khajni, said that kids at her school speak fluent English. “The government has recognised our efforts. There is a smart class, beautiful classrooms and a library for children. The most important thing is that schoolchildren now speak English. The medium of education in this school is English,” Tripathi said.
Harsh Srivastava, a teacher of Sahulakhore Primary School, Khajni and Garima Shahi, a teacher of Daudpur Primary School, Gorakhpur said that their schools have been equipped with modern facilities, smart classrooms and libraries just like private schools.
According to Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Gorakhpur, BN Singh, all the old, dilapidated schools in the villages will be transformed and revamped after a complete report has been received.


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