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Vicky Jain’s mother lashes out at Ankita Lokhande for throwing chappal at him


Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law is upset with her behaviour towards husband Vicky Jain on Bigg Boss 17. In a new promo, she appears as guest and speaks to Ankita and Vicky about the way they have been fighting almost daily since entering the show. (Also read: Orry enters Bigg Boss 17 as new Wildcard, cracks up Salman Khan on stage; Janhvi Kapoor asks: ‘Is the world ready?’)

Ankita Lokhande tried to console Vicky Jain as he got emotional on seeing his mother.
Ankita Lokhande tried to console Vicky Jain as he got emotional on seeing his mother.

The promo shows Ankita and Vicky getting emotional on seeing their mothers. As Vicky breaks into sobs, his mother tells him to calm down and not to cry. He says no one understands him inside the house, as Ankita tries to wipe away his tears with her dress.

Vicky’s mother then tells them how they never fought at home but have been at each other’s throats since entering the show. “Tumhari ladai ghar mein kabhi nahi hui. Batao, Ankita paer maar rahi hai, chappal phekk rahi hai (You never fought at home. Here, Ankita is kicking him, throwing slippers at him),” she says.

Ankita assures her mother-in-law, “Main hoon na, main isko sambhal lugi (I am here, I will take care of him).” But she snaps back, “Nahi, nahi sambhal rahi ho (No you are not taking care of him).”

Fans of the show are excited to see what else happens on Saturday’s episode. “Sasuma doing sasuma things as usual,” wrote a fan on Twitter. “Stop blaming Ankita for everything had hogai hai ab (this is too much),” said another person. “Bahu ka pair marna chappal marna dikh raha hain, bete ki harkate nahi dikhi, uski lambi zubaan nahi dikhi kaise wo apne patni ko treat kar raha hain wo nahi dikhi, yar bete ki side Lena thik hai par pehle uski harkate to dekho (You are so bothered with Ankita’s kicking and hitting him with slippers but cannot see you son’s antics, his long tongue and how he treats his wife. It’s fine to side with your son but at least know what he is upto),” a fan defended Ankita.

Another promo showed the moms giving tips to Vicky and Ankita on spending more time together and forgetting what has happened.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been arguing and fighting inside the Bigg Boss house about different issues ever since the new season began. Ankita has said that Vicky used her and has abandoned her inside the house.

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