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What is body doubling? How is it useful in ADHD? | Health


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is a neurodevelopment disorder where a person faces difficulty in paying attention and being hyperactive and impulsive. Most common symptoms of ADHD are aggression, fidgeting, irritability, forgetfulness, short attention span and problem paying attention. Therapist Andrea Evgeniou suggested Body Doubling as a strategy to alleviate symptoms of ADHD. “Body doubling involves having another person present while you work on a task. This person, known as the body double, doesn’t necessarily need to help with the task; their presence alone can be beneficial,” the Therapist explained.

What is body doubling? How is it useful in ADHD?(Unsplash)
What is body doubling? How is it useful in ADHD?(Unsplash)

Body doubling is a technique of another person being present with us as we complete our tasks. In AHD. Staying put in a task till it’s complete is a difficult thing to do. When we have someone accompanying us while we finish our tasks, it can help us to keep the attention and be resilient. Be it being physically present or virtually present, the presence of another person can be very convincing. “The body double acts as a subtle form of accountability, reducing the likelihood of distraction or procrastination,” Andrea added.

People with ADHD demand reward, accountability and novelty being involved as they complete their tasks. It makes it easier for them to finish their tasks knowing that they are going to be rewarded for it. The presence of another person can act as a fun and motivational factor. It also helps us to feel that we can accomplish a difficult task. The sense of external structure and inspiration is provided by body doubling. For people with executive functioning issues, body doubling can help in breaking the task into small and manageable portions, so that it becomes easy for them to complete.

Body doubling provides a sense of companionship, thereby reducing the feeling of isolation. It also helps in building routines and habits as people get on with the pattern of working at specific times.


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