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What is overstimulation? 6 signs to know and ways to manage | Health

Overstimulation is that condition when a person is bombarded with so much information that they are not able to process it in a healthy manner, leading to overwhelming feelings, emotions and loss of focus. “Ever feel like you’re at max capacity and everything’s just too much? Overstimulation is a common experience, and while everyone may encounter it, some face it regularly. Whether its sensory overload, information overwhelms, emotional intensity, social saturation, or work pressure, overstimulation can result from various sources,” wrote Therapist Carolyn Rubenstein. The expert further noted down six signs of overstimulation:

What is overstimulation? 6 signs to know and ways to manage(Unsplash)

Heightened sensitivity: In such scenarios, we may often feel heightened sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, lights or crowds. This happens when we are so overwhelmed that even the slightest of sound or light can trigger us.

Feeling drained: We feel so tired of dealing with so much information at the same time, that we feel mentally and physically drained from doing it. This can make us feel frustrated and sick.

Physical sensations: Overstimulation also shows up as physical discomfort as headaches, muscle tension and nausea. We need to be careful and aware of such physical sensations to understand what we can do to reduce them and make ourselves feel better.

Irritated or agitated: Something very small can also trigger us since we become so sensitive to all kinds of stimuli. We may feel irritated or agitated and may behave in a rash manner to something that does not deserve such a reaction.

Struggle to concentrate: With so much information bombarding the mind, we may face a hard time concentrating or focusing on tasks.

Flood of emotions: We may feel a surge of emotions that can be difficult to address at the same time.

The primary thing to do when we feel overstimulated is to find a calm place where we can gather our thoughts and relax the nervous system. We should also minimise our exposure to lights and noise and priotise self-care activities to make ourselves happy.

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