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Where to buy the best jewellery in Jaipur

Today, Jaipur is the bustling centre of fine jewellery in India and home to some of the country’s most iconic heritage brands. From precious natural diamonds to intricate jadau work, there is a piece for you whether you are building a trousseau or hunting for a statement piece. From the century-old shops in the Old City to posh ateliers in C Scheme to the bustling workshops of Sitapura area, there is a jeweller for every need in the Pink City. And it has a legacy started almost three centuries ago.

In 1727, Maharaja Jai Singh II founded the city of Jaipur with the idea of making it a thriving commercial capital. Jewellery was a big aspect of this project as he was fascinated with gems and he invited jewellers and karigars from Delhi, Agra and Varanasi to settle down in Jaipur. With his support, Jaipur became the thriving centre of jewellery. Today, the city is home to hundreds of thousands of jewellers and dealers. Back then, it was a smaller walled city and most jewellers opened their stores on a single street which expanded and grew into the Johari Bazaar. Times changed, the city expanded, traffic grew and many jewellers came out of the old walled city, for bigger, brighter ateliers, but the charm of Johari Bazaar never faded. Till date everyone who visits Jaipur is advised to walk the tiny lanes of the old city and explore its old world charm and stop by the workshops where skilled craftsman continue to work their magic on precious and semi-precious gems, gold, silver and metals to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery.

Here is the guide to Jaipur’s best jewellery stores

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