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‘Wish it was ChatGPT’: OpenAI’s Sam Altman reveals app he uses the most


Speaking to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed the app he (Altman) uses the most. And surprisingly, it is not OpenAI’s very own ChatGPT.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (File Photo/AFP)
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (File Photo/AFP)

For Altman, it is Slack, a team communication platform developed by Salesforce-owned Slack Technologies.

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“Slack. I wish I could say ChatGPT. A close second is iMessage,” he told Gates on the latter’s ‘Unconfuse Me’ podcast, as they discussed the most-used apps on their phones.

The OpenAI CEO was then asked if he uses Slack more than email too. Altman responded: “Way more than email. The only thing that I was thinking possibly iMessages. But yes, more than that.”

In November last year, it was revealed that at the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence (AI) company, employees use Google Meet for meetings, and not Microsoft Teams. Microsoft, it must be noted, is the largest investor in the ChatGPT creator.

Meanwhile, the billionaire too revealed his most-used app. “It is (Microsoft’s) Outlook. I am this old-style email guy…either that or the browser. Because of course, a lot of my news is coming through the browser.’

On this, Altman quipped: “I didn’t quite count the browser as an app. It’s possible it use it more, but I still would bet Slack. I’m on Slack all day.”

The messaging platform allows users to create channels for different topics, projects, or teams, facilitating organised discussions. Also, through it, people can share messages, files, and integrate various third-party applications to streamline workflow.

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