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With AAP’s ‘Have-Nots’ Politics, Can Kejriwal Cement Permanent Spot?| OPINION

Delhites hope that now, with an AAP Mayor and CM, the constant bickering between the state government and municipal corporation would come to an end and civic issues will be taken care of in a proper manner. 

The AAP with its free electricity, water, schools, and mohalla clinics has made a strong base amongst the poorer sections of society, people at the bottom of the pyramid like labourers, and auto/taxi drivers. The propensity to vote for AAP is higher amongst this section vis-a-vis middle and upper-class voters.

The lead the AAP enjoys over the BJP amongst slum-dwellers is 21% while amongst colonies is just 6% as per Axis My India exit poll. The BJP on the other hand leads AAP amongst voters living in bungalows by 5%.

Amongst communities, the AAP is leading among the Purvanchalis (despite Manoj Tiwari in BJP), Punjabis (consolidating its position after winning in the state) and Dilliwalas, while BJP is leading amongst the Pahadis. Though region-wise BJP is ahead in the east of Delhi.

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