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Automobile stunt goes horribly wrong as Stuntman Sergey Kocherga, 40, used his young son Timur in the act

After a risky automobile stunt went horribly wrong, a stuntman is shown on video in Russia crashing head-on into a line of vehicles and catching flames while his eight-year-old son is inside.

Sergey Kocherga, a 40-year-old stuntman, utilised his little son Timur in the stunt, and the two miraculously escaped while being rescued by marshals and onlookers.

After being extracted from the flaming wreckage, the kid was “trembling with panic,” according to an eyewitness.

The couple on a Crosskart can be seen on video crashing as they attempt to avoid several automobiles after hurling up a hill.

In front of a large crowd of onlookers, they crashed into the first automobile then cartwheeled over the second while their stunt vehicle caught fire.

Although Sergey needed medical attention for burns on his back and arm, the child was “unharmed” and “continued to execute” more acrobatics.

The child, who comes from a family of stunt performers, has been performing in plays since he was three years old.

Despite this, the incident in Ivanovo in which his father was the driver has become the subject of a “procedural check” by the Russian authorities.

According to the Investigative Committee, “the investigation established that two persons, including a youngster, were hurt during the stunt show, during the performance of the leap.”

“Investigators will determine all the facts and causes of the incident,” says the report.

The prosecutor’s office has launched a second investigation, and criminal prosecutions are conceivable.

The father had no qualms about acting as a stuntman for his son.

Sergey, the grandfather of the child, is also a stunt performer.

The Crosskart driver said to the residents, “It was extremely nice that you visited our show.”

“We are stuntmen by trade, therefore we constantly take chances.” We’ve decided on this. Everything is wonderful; I’m safe and sound.

Thank you for phoning, texting, and being concerned about my health, he continued. Everything is good and okay. We are still here, unharmed, and living.

The youngster allegedly started working as a stuntman at the age of three, according to horrified witness Maria Polyakova.

And it appears that this is how they live. But it was awful for me.

To utilise an eight-year-old child for such a risky prank, in her words, is “beyond reality.”

In the meantime, I read a 2019 interview in which [Sergey Kocherga] acknowledged that this ploy was the most risky of all and that he did not take his kid on it.

Evidently, he decided he could when he was eight years old.

Thank God for their prompt response, she exclaimed. In reality, the boy was removed from the situation in a matter of seconds.

I could see how terrified the youngster was as they removed his helmet and hauled him out. I’ll continue to see this for a while.

This is a little child. And I believe that they cannot purposefully incur such risks. When he turns 18 years old, let him decide.

In fact, the youngster won’t even have a self-preservation instinct because of what he is doing.

Sergey Resnichny, another spectator, claimed that the stuntman’s father was “weary” when he made the automobile leap with his son.

This requires a lot of effort. A maximum of one performance per day, over two consecutive days, should be allowed.

Additionally, they performed six times in four days. It’s really taxing physically.

Other commentators agreed with the demand that youngsters not participate in stunts.

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