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AWS Announces “Build on AWS” to Help Startups Build Their Infrastructure


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced Build on AWS, a new benefit of the Activate Console. Build on AWS provides a collection of pre-built architecture templates covering a wide variety of solutions to help startups build their infrastructure on AWS.

The new benefit was announced in an AWS Startups Blog post.

According to AWS, startups are eager to get started on AWS, but often ask about the best infrastructure for their use case. The new offering from AWS Activate is designed to help startups build their infrastructure on AWS quickly. The solutions are built by experts at AWS and based on AWS best practices. With hundreds of deployments, every template is ready for production traffic. 

Build on AWS is composed of two main features:

Build your first app on AWS: Build your first app contains one-click deployment access to the most common use-cases, including hosting a website, building a full stack web app, and building a microservices architecture, among others. It also guides startups toward useful configurations based on their specific use-case.

Recommended solutions: Recommended solutions consist of configurations recommended to startups based on their industry, product type, and usage of AWS services. Recommendations are curated from more than 100 configurations, allowing statups to build their unique use cases with ready-made solutions. 

Startups can also rate the solution templates to help other startups, and request new templates—all from the Activate Console. Startups who need additional support in customizing configurations can also reach out to AWS Support or AWS IQ.


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