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I live less than two miles from Lake Michigan, and it is not unusual for strong winds and storms to sweep across the lake. One particular afternoon five years ago, one storm picked up tremendous speed and force, and it hit the coastline with straight-line winds estimated at 90 to 100 miles an hour. My town was directly in its path.

Thousands of trees were blown over, and power lines went down in a tangled mess, leaving roads impassable and hundreds of homes without power. Six trees had fallen on my roof, and dozens more on my property. I will be forever grateful that my adult children, who were visiting at the time, and I were unharmed. In fact, we all immediately turned to God in prayer, acknowledging His presence, protection, and authority and listening for direction as to where we should begin the cleanup.

Our prayers included gratitude for the many friends who arrived over the next few days, having walked under, over, and around more than a mile of downed trees to reach my home. Everyone came at the right time with the right knowledge and equipment to be of service, as if orchestrated by the divine intelligence I believed was moving them to care for us in this way.


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