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Crews trying to restore power in southeast North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Crews are out and about in the southeast corner of North Dakota, trying to restore power to homes after the winter storm this week. The Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative announced Saturday that more than 400 customers are still without power in counties like Dickey, Ramsey, Richland and Sargent.

“Some of the poles they’ve got almost four inches of ice on them and a lot of the line is pop can size so there’s a lot of ice on there.” said Jordan Omlie, a lineman with Northern Plains Electric Cooperative.

Thanks to help from other companies, they have been able to cut through the number of power outages around the clock. The DVEC said the repairs could take days.

“Trying to restore power to everyone that we can. We probably have about 350 poles to replace,” said DVEC Manager of Operations Brad Lunneborg. “We just started doing that today. Trying to get everyone’s power back on first.”

“If we had something happen like this in our area I’d hope that all these guys come out and help us too so I think it feels great to be out here and helping these guys.” said Omlie.

One of those people without power for over 30 hours was Madi Arth who lives near Lidgerwood. Thankfully, her family was prepared with a generator.

“Some of my friends at work they’re not going to get power for three to five days and if your generator gives out its kind of a big deal.” said Arth.

The hope is to get the power restored before the area delves further into the winter season.

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