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DCL BASEBALL: Can the Ports Top the Braves?

We are at the halfway point in the 2022 Door County League baseball season, and it’s time to see what we’ve learned.

Sister Bay and Kolberg are still the two teams, but they have some company. Washington Island was a playoff participant last year, and the team is once again chasing a spot. West Jacksonport ended the first half one win shy of last year’s season total and just a game out of first. But the surprise of the first half is the Maplewood Mets, who have already equaled last year’s win total.

The Swami saw his win total increase as well with a 3-1 week that left his first-half record at 22-6.

Let’s kick off the second half!

West Jacksonport (5-2) @ Kolberg (6-1)

The Ports are for real. They kept pace with the top teams by dispatching an Island team that can beat any team on the right day. Drew Tanck was the hitting star last week, getting four hits, but contributions from Riley Cordier, Jonas Lindeman and others were key to the victory. They will need all hands on deck to top Kolberg.

The Braves dominated the As last week in an eight-inning no-hitter from Trevor Reinhardt. This team is scary, and it’s going to take a complete effort from any team to take it out. The Ports have proven the Swami wrong a couple of times this year, but I just don’t see them proving him wrong here. 

Swami says: Braves.

Maplewood (4-3) @ Sister Bay (5-2)

Kordell Draves hit a home run in a second straight game for the Mets last week, and they will need all of that and more against the defending champs. This will be a tough stretch for the Mets because three out of the next four weeks are against teams they’re chasing.

The Bays are the Bays. A four-hit shutout by Sam Forkert is impressive, but it’s nothing he hasn’t done before. What should be of more importance is the fact that the Bays mustered only five hits against the Institute pitchers. They will need more than that to keep the Mets from stealing one from them on their home turf. Sister Bay trounced the Mets opening day 13-2, but I don’t see that being the case this time around. 

Swami says: Closer, but still Bays.

Egg Harbor (2-5) @ Institute (2-5)

To me, the biggest surprise and disappointment of the first half has been the Indians. They have now lost five in a row and can’t afford any more losses if they have playoff dreams. This team has way too much talent to be where they are. Riley Spetz was around Sunday and made an immediate impact. 

The Cubs may have only two wins, but because they are my hometown team, I do get to see them more than the other teams, and they are better than I thought they would be going into this year. Giving up only five hits to the Bays is impressive, and they played better defensively, which has been their Achilles heal this year. The Indians pounded the Cubs 26-1 opening day, but these teams are obviously heading in opposite directions. The Indians have been the Swami’s downfall for a few weeks now. Fool me three times, shame on you.

Swami says: Cubs.

Baileys Harbor (0-7) @ Washington Island (4-3)

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse during the As’ losing streak, they got no-hit on Sunday. Things won’t get any easier as they take the ferry ride to the Island, where bad things always seem to happen, even to good teams. 

The Islanders have lost two in a row and are now looking up at many of the teams they were sharing the perch with just two weeks ago. Ray and Con McDonald have been hitting the ball well, and Matt Foss chipped in some help on Sunday. The team as a whole can hit, and at home, they can flat-out dominate. They beat the As with ease opening day 18-1, and now at home, it could be even uglier for the As. 

Swami says: Islanders.

June 19 Results

Sister Bay 5, Institute 0
West Jacksonport 7, Washington Island 5
Maplewood 8, Egg Harbor 6
Kolberg 12, Baileys Harbor 0


Kolberg 6-1
West Jacksonport 5-2
Sister Bay 5-2
Washington Island 4-3
Maplewood 4-3
Egg Harbor 2-5
Institute 2-5
Baileys Harbor 0-7

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