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‘Hwang Minhyun and I had great chemistry’: Kim So Hyun on My Lovely Liar | Web Series


You may have heard of lie detectors, but have you come across a liar hunter? Sol-hee (Kim So Hyun) has an innate ability to detect lies, through sounds only she can hear. This has not only added to her bank account but also won her respect from the people she has served. But things take an interesting turn when she runs into the mysterious composer Do Ha (Hwang Minhyun) who hides an unspeakable secret. (Also read: Interview: Woojin opens up on his India tour, says he is a fan of Aamir Khan)

Kim So Hyun stars in My Lovely Liar. Credit: Studio Dragon.
Kim So Hyun stars in My Lovely Liar. Credit: Studio Dragon.

Studio Dragon’s mystery romance drama, My Lovely Liar has maintained its top position on viewing charts. The emotional rollercoaster between its two leads has audiences’ invested in this quirky love story.

In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, actor Kim So Hyun, who plays the eccentric Sol-hee, reveals how she found some resonance between herself and her onscreen avatar.

On her My Lovely Liar role

“Mok Sol-hee was born with the ability to detect lies, and I imagined her growing tired of people because she had heard lies every moment of her life, no matter who she met. Initially, she couldn’t find much interest in the world, so I portrayed her as somewhat cynical. Sol-hee and I don’t have much in common, but when she met Do-ha and became a brighter person, she started to resemble me in some ways,” she said.

Chemistry with Hwang Minhyun

The palpable onscreen chemistry between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun, from the memorable blanket hug or ‘will they or won’t they kiss’, has given fans several cute moments. The casting of Kim So Hyun with Hwang Minhyun was eagerly anticipated. Kim So Hyun confesses their easy camaraderie off-set translated well on screen.

“We had great chemistry on set. We joked around with each other and shared various ideas. We were able to create some fun scenes because our teamwork with the director and staff was also amazing,” she said.

Her many titles

24-year-old Kim So Hyun is a veteran of sorts. Having begun her career as a child artist, she was dubbed as the ‘Queen of child actors’, the ’nation’s favourite little sister’ as well as the ‘Sageuk (period drama) goddess’. As she transitioned to playing lead roles in dramas such as Who Are You: School 2015, Radio Romance, Love Alarm, and River Where the Moon Rises, the actor admits she thrives on taking on new challenges.

“Who Are You: School 2015 was the most challenging drama I had ever taken on. It was also my first time in a lead role in a miniseries, and I played a dual role. I’m not particularly fond of adventures, but when I’m given a character or a significant task that I’ve never done before, I find pleasure in the process of accomplishing it. For that reason, I have made up my mind to continuously challenge myself with diverse characters in the future,” she said.

My Lovely Liar will wrap its 16-episode run on September 19. Kim So Hyun will be seen next in the romantic comedy Is It Fate. My Lovely Liar is available on Viki.


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