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India witnesses record car sales, manufacturing continues 24×7

The country’s car market has accelerated before the beginning of the festive season. The demand for cars has started augmenting last month, which has reached a record level now. Proofs of the increased demands can be seen in the Maruti plants situated in Haryana’s Manesar and Gurugram, as here, manufacturing is being carried out 24×7 in order to meet the demands.

The company already has 4.08 lakh cars in the waiting list and its current goal is to complete the orders during the festive season itself. The car manufacturing companies in Gurugram and Manesar recruited new employees last month to speed up the supply, and work is being done 24×7 in some units, as a reason of which, 1.25 lakh new jobs were created this season.

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales Department, Maruti Suzuki, said that a shortage of semi-conductors had begun last year in the month of August, and in September, only 40% production could be done. But this year, 92% of production was done in the months from January to March, and now, the level of production has reached 100%.

During the festive season back in 2019, in the month of November, 1, 50, 630 cars from Maruti were sold, after which the COVID-19 pandemic created troubles. But now, in August 2022, 1, 65, 173 cars have been sold, and records can be broken in November.

On the other hand, the company selling the highest number of bikes and scooters, Hero Motocorp, also has its plants in Gurugram. Hero’s two-wheeler sale in August was 4.62 lakhs, and in August last year, it was 4.53 lakhs. This year, 22.98 lakh sales were made from April to August, while it was 19.32 lakhs the last year.

Hyundai, which is the country’s second largest car manufacturing company, has already prepared itself for the upcoming festive season. As per Tarun Garg, the company’s Sales, Service and Marketing Director, in the wake of the festive season approaching, Hyundai has manufactured advance stocks for one month, and therefore, no issues related to orders waiting will be seen.

Hyundai sold 63, 851 cars in the month of July this year, which was 6% more than the last year’s sales of July. The current domestic sales number has increased as well and has reached 50, 500 units. In May, 51, 263 cars were sold, which was 67% more than the last year. In Hyundai’s Chennai plants, workers are sometimes working in two shifts.

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