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Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 – Release date, contestants, host and more | Web Series


Love Is Blind Sweden has a fresh face taking the reins. Jessica Almenäs, known for hosting shows like The Biggest Loser and Let’s Dance, is set to guide us through the romantic journey in Sweden. Fun fact: she was also Miss Sweden!

Jessica Almenäs to host Love Is Blind Sweden, bringing a fresh face to the show.(X)
Jessica Almenäs to host Love Is Blind Sweden, bringing a fresh face to the show.(X)

Meet the stars of Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1

Get ready for a whopping 32 contestants! From a VP at a security company to a yoga teacher and a soccer coach/DJ combo, the cast is diverse. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the contestants and their professions:

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Adde – 33, VP – Security Company

Alexandra – 33, General Secretary

Amanda – 34, Economist

Andrea – 36, Gym Studio Owner

Andreas – 39, Firefighter

Catja – 32, HR Specialist

Christofer – 34, Self-employed

Daniel – 38, Entrepreneur

Emilia – 34, Business Manager – Telecommunications

Huda – 30, Assistant Nurse

Isabelle – 27, Assistant Nurse, Personal Assistant

Jimmy – 34, Self-employed

Johan – 34, Salesman

Johannes – 32, Project Manager

Karolina – 32, Payroll Controller

Kimia – 34, Cosmetic Nurse

Krisse-Ly – 30, Interior Stylist, Sales Assistant

Leila – 35, Recruiter

Lucas – 30, Operative Manager – Energy Production

Markus – 29, Training Instruction Consultant

Meira – 30, Economist

Milan – 28, Car Salesman

Mohamed – 32, Personal Trainer

Mow – 43, Recruitment Consultant

Nea – 36, Chief Advisor

Nina – 31, Destination Manager, Artist

Oskar – 32, Financial Advisor

Rasmus – 32, Self-employed

Sami – 29, Social Secretary

Sandra – 36, Yoga Teacher, Artist

Sergio – 38, Soccer Coach, DJ

Victoria – 36, Resource Educator

Love Is Blind Sweden release dates to mark in your calendar

Clear your schedule because Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 hits Netflix with a bang! The initial episodes drop on January 12, followed by more excitement on January 19 and 26. Get ready for love, drama, and everything in between.

Love Is Blind Season 5 alums still making waves

The buzz isn’t just about the new season. Some stars from Season 5 are keeping the Love Is Blind flame alive. Stacy and Taylor recently reunited with Lydia Arleen for a meet and greet in Houston, TX.

Merch, cameo, and a first class cosmo

Stacy and Taylor have ventured into the world of merchandise, but the reactions are mixed. From successful merch drops to a $50 Cameo fee, they’re making waves. And yes, there was even a special First Class Cosmo drink, paying homage to a memorable Season 5 quote.

The reunion: Love it or loathe it?

The meet and greet event in Houston stirred some strong opinions. Fans on Reddit weren’t holding back. Some questioned the relevance of these reality TV stars, while others felt it was an early April Fools’ joke. One fan humorously declared, “I would rather watch paint dry than spend time with these self-absorbed nobodies.”


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