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Matthew Perry ‘superglued himself’ to stop drugging: Ex-flame’s shocking claims


Matthew Perry, behind the comedic facade, battled a ‘desperately sad’ side, claims the actor’s ex-flame. Now, in the wake of his tragic passing, a chilling detail from his past emerges, revealing just how desperate his fight became. His ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, revealed that Perry glued his own hands to his knees, hoping it would bind him to sobriety. For the unversed, Edwards began dating the Friends actor back in 2006 after meeting him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Matthew Perry died by apparent drowning on October 28 (FRIENDS (TV Show)/Facebook)
Matthew Perry died by apparent drowning on October 28 (FRIENDS (TV Show)/Facebook)

Glued hands and legs – Perry’s Ex shares shocking story

Kayti Edwards, 47, who called for an investigation into the late actor’s doctors following the autopsy report citing a Ketamine overdose as the cause of death, recollected visiting him during the peak of his addictions in an interview with The UK Sun published on Saturday.

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Talking to the publication she mentioned “I was at Matthew’s place in the Hollywood Hills. He was in a bad way,” citing that he was high on drugs, the ex flame of Perry added, “He had been getting high all night on a plethora of drugs, most likely crack cocaine and other substances.” Edwards, who began dating Perry in 2011 and previously worked as his secretary, shared a revealing moment when she paid an unexpected visit to the actor’s house. She discovered him with his hands superglued to his legs. “it was desperately sad. I had to use nail polish remover and olive oil to free him.”

The ‘horrific’ aftermath

“We were literally ripping the hair from his legs, and he had red, raw patches left behind,” she recounted, describing the entire process as “pretty horrific.” Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Edwards shared that she resorted to using nail polish remover to clean Perry. She recounted the difficult moment of finding him high and unwashed for several days, with his hands superglued to his legs. Edwards found herself facing an unfamiliar and challenging situation, as she had never dealt with someone in such a condition before.

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Matthew Perry was thinking about drugs even in rehab?

This is not the first occasion Edwards has addressed Perry’s struggles with addiction. In a 2020 interview, she claimed that during her pregnancy, Perry used her to obtain “cocaine, heroin, and crack.” Edwards asserted that even during periods of sobriety and rehabilitation, Perry would still express a desire for drugs, suggesting, “Let’s go get some cocaine. What do you think about that?”


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