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Minister banks on ‘love’ to treat addicts


SHILLONG, April 4: Love is what will set the addicts free, if mixed in proper portion with corrective measures. This is Social Welfare Minister Kyrmen Shylla’s belief, in which he reposes faith to bring home those that have gone astray.
“The most important thing is to treat the addicts with love and care. Nothing is impossible, yes medicine is required and a lot of other things too but most important of all is love,” said Shylla.
Of late the city has been grappling with the problem of drug menace with many a youths falling into the pangs of drugs. “In most cases, many of them did not receive proper love and care; were not bothered for and lonely, which pushed them towards using substances. If we treat them with love, nothing is impossible,” he added.
Admitting that the number of cases of drug addiction is ever increasing, Shylla said, “We came out with the de-addiction centre, which is one-of-a-kind for the entire North East, in our state and this will benefit the drug users to be treated and come out of the addiction”.
Talking about the de-addiction centre, Shylla said, “We can consider this as a project which is just a start. If more is required, this organisation (currently running the centre) will come forward to extend their help and the government will also provide all support so that one day the state will be free (of the menace of drug addiction)”.
Requesting the youths to steer clear of falling a victim of drug abuse, Shylla said, “If we all work as a team, one day we will be a drug-free state”.
It may be mentioned that the state government, through the police department, has been time and again conducting various awareness drives in schools and colleges on the ill-effects of drug use.
As per reports from a transit destination, Shillong city is gradually turning into major hotspots of drugs and the frequent seizures by the police tells the tale.
Concerns have been raised from various quarters but the menace still continues.


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