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MSocial Launches the First Edition of MSocial Mega Event with Sameera Reddy in Goa


MSocial, A Social Network App for parents celebrated the very essence of motherhood with its MSocial Mega Event in Goa. The event was attended by Sameera Reddy, who also shared a glimpse of her experiences as a mom. The event also hosted some of the finest mom influencers from the community, like Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Yuvika Abrol, Ishna Batra, Sucheta Pal, Prerna Sinha, Afsha Galar, Namrata Sadhvani, Sulata Mitra and many more.


Sameera Reddy with the Founders of MSocial


The event was hosted by Swati Jain, who’s also the Co-founder of MSocial. She elaborated, “The MSocial Mega event is special because it recognises the importance of finding peace and power in motherhood”. Moms also engaged with the mom talk show, where they opened up about their dynamics with motherhood.


Saru Mukherjee Sharma who also attended the event added, “The event was an exciting retreat just like all the other MSocial events. MSocial really knows how to pamper moms, while giving them a platform.” The event was hosted at Purple Martini 2.0, Goa a place for amazing sundowner. Talking about the place, Yuvika Abrol, a leading mom influencer in India said, “It’s an awesome place on the cliff and the view is spectacular.”


MSocial Mega Event didn’t just give moms a platform to voice their experiences, stories and concerns. It also offered them a gateway to simply relax and have fun. The event had something for everyone. Geetanjali Saraff, Co-founder, MSocial rightly pointed out, “Goa is the perfect place for relaxation and excitement, so there couldn’t have been a better place to celebrate the moms.


With the Msocial Mega Event our vision was to cherish the spirit of motherhood, while creating a non-judgemental, safe place for them to interact,” added Varun J, Co-founder & CEO, MSocial. The event was a balanced blend of excitement and serenity like motherhood itself.


The Mom Influencers who came from across the country to be a part of this event had a pleasant stay at The Ferias House, which was the ideal retreat with a beautiful riverside view & Inrabo Villa Bauhinia, a luxury 5 BHK in Assagao, Goa.


About MSocial – A Social Network for Parents

Connecting Indian mothers & parents across the country, to share the joys & pains of motherhood. MSocial aim to provide a platform for parents to share their experience, seek opinions and advice (even privately through our Direct Chat option), and share a few laughs with fellow moms and parents who are sailing in the same boat.


MSocial aims to bring more than 100 million parents on board to make it the largest platform for the inclusive community & the brands that want to engage with the community. MSocial aims to be the biggest marketplace for preloved baby/kids products for buying and selling.


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