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Quant Insight introduces eyeQ to empower retail investors with cutting edge tech used by the world’s top asset managers with Trn2.5+ in assets


NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quant Insight (Qi) today unveiled eyeQ – a new set of analytics and tools designed for the retail investor community. It is powered by the same sophisticated AI-driven technology used by Quant Insight’s institutional investors globally, with total assets of $2.5+ Trillion.

Retail traders now make up a massive percentage of global markets’ daily volume, but the deck remains firmly stacked against them as the retail community simply does not have the same access to the same information, and the tools to harness and understand that information, that larger market players have at their disposal. It’s no surprise then that even as retail investors pour billions of new dollars into the markets, more than 80% of retail traders lose money1.

Launch Video available here.

eyeQ analyses millions of data points in real time across major themes such as economic growth, inflation, central bank policy, energy prices and more. It then understands how they all are all connected, to highlight opportunities and risks. These data driven insights cover around 6,000 instruments across ETFs, indices, stocks, FX and futures markets. Analytics are presented to retail investors in simple and easy to absorb visuals.

“The ‘democratization of finance,’ one of the major industry catchphrases of the last several years, has succeeded in one major respect: giving retail investors more opportunities to invest at a disadvantage,” added Mahmood Noorani, Co-Founder and CEO of Quant insight. “What is at the heart of that disadvantage? A lack of information, and not having the tools to convert information into actionable insights and ideas. This is our contribution to making the retail investor journey a more successful one with the launch of eyeQ by Quant Insight.”

eyeQ is now also being made available to brokerage firms via an API that allows them to plug eyeQ’s analytics directly into their own client dashboard, providing powerful data driven insights and differentiation for their clients. Additionally, retail investors can access eyeQ’s insights and signals directly via a variety of channels, including daily insights, a weekly video by Qi senior leaders, and Live Signals delivered via email and via the eyeQ investing community on Discord (LINK to join).

“With the rise of the retail trader has come a concurrent rise in new ways for these investors to share information, source ideas, and debate topics and approaches. Discord has been at the forefront of this trend, and it only made sense for us to build a Discord community as we roll out eyeQ,” added Ilana Z. Younan, Head of Communications at Quant Insight. “Here, retail investors are able to exchange ideas, get regular updates on eyeQ insights and trading ideas, interact with their fellow investors, and have access to eyeQ’s team of experienced former hedge fund portfolio managers and best-in-class data scientists.”

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About Quant Insight / eyeQ

Quant Insight (Qi), is at the forefront of machine learning and technology, developing the first financial market brain that ingests millions of data points in real time and extracts signal from noise.

With offices in London, New York and Limassol, Qi has clients with total Assets Under Management (AUM) of over $2.5 trillion incorporating Qi’s analytics in their investment process.

The company is led by experienced macro hedge fund portfolio managers and leading academics in machine learning and signal extraction from Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton, in addition to best-in-class data engineers with backgrounds from world leading technology firms.

eyeQ is a product of Quant Insight (Qi) offering retail investors access to institutional grade analytics. eyeQ’s unique insights into the macro-forces driving asset prices allow individual investors to identify key market opportunities and risks and make better trading decisions.

eyeQ – AI for successful investing

Join the eyeQ investing community on Discord by clicking this invite link

1 Markets Insider, 2022


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