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‘You precious boy’: Social media in awe as American chef rolls rotis at Gurdwara in Delhi

American chef and television personality Eitan Bernath recently gave a glimpse into the experiences he has had during his visit to India, one of which has garnered immense appreciation online. Bernath, who has toured across the nation to cities like Delhi and Patna, recently shared a montage of his visit to a Gurdwara in Old Delhi, where he made traditional rotis along with his family members. 

The reel, which has garnered over 1.1 million views on Instagram, displays the young chef in a traditional headscarf, shaping the rotis with a rolling pin. The clip then proceeds to show Bernath amazed after discovering a roti-making machine that can produce 4,000 units in an hour. 

“If you need me, I’m researching how I can get one of those roti machines in my NYC apartment,” he captioned the video, which has amassed over 400 comments. Reacting to it, one Instagram user wrote, “You went for Langar Sewa! Omg you precious boy. Your parents brought you up so well!” Another user added, “Thank you so much for exploring all cultures it is so important to highlight the minorities!  have so much fun.”

A third user recalled the generosity of Sikhs by sharing a personal anecdote. “Sikhs are amazing and generous people. I remember when I lived in downtown Vancouver think it was every Sunday they came and fed the homeless population, and anybody that needed food,” the user wrote. 

Eitan Bernath visits Bihar

Bernath, who has an Instagram audience of 636,000, has shared multiple clips and images from his trip. Another recently shared video shows his trip to Patna, where he aims to “share the stories of some of the most incredible organizations who are working to fight food insecurity, strengthen gender equality, and improve the regions agricultural production.”

Revealing what he plans to do in Bihar, Bernath wrote: “127 million people are affected by development challenges in Bihar and there are some incredible people who I’m going to meet who work tirelessly to work towards a better future for one of the most economically challenged states in the country,” he wrote.

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